Olivia YoungI’m Olivia. I’m a writer and communications professional, and I just graduated from Drake University with majors in magazines and English. I love coffee, big cities, traveling, and all things design. I first studied abroad in Alicante, Spain in 2011, and I had an amazing semester with the best host family I could have asked for. But I’ve always hoped I’d get the chance to head back to Spain and live more independently.

So, here goes.

In September, I settled into a rock-hard seat along with my fellow peasants in coach — always a pleasure, major airlines — and made my big transatlantic move to Madrid, where I’m teaching English in an bilingual elementary school. (Because, apparently Spain is not concerned about my lack of teaching experience.) I plan to perfect my Spanish, eat a lot of tapas, binge-watch Pasapalabra and my favorite telenovelas, and learn to live like a madrileña.

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Portfolio site: oliviadyoung.com
Twitter: @oliviadyoung
LinkedIn: Olivia Young

About this Blog

“‘Travels Untranslated?’ But they are translated.”

Shout-out to my sister, Emily, for pointing this out to me the other day. I muttered some offended writer excuse like “Well it’s just creative, okay? Besides I can’t change the URL and lose whatever SEO I’ve built!” (I knew for a fact there was zero search volume around “travels untranslated,” but it was the principle of the thing.) She just looked at me, saw the web analytics-induced panic in my eyes, and walked away.

I’m a chronic overthinker, so I spent a few frantic minutes considering her point. I’m also terrible at titles, which is the bane of my journalistic existence, and I actually liked this one.

But she was right. I plan to write down my experiences, so, technically, everything is translated. Foiled again. Continue reading –>

Disclaimer: All images, video, and copy are mine unless otherwise noted. Copyright 2013 | Olivia Young


9 thoughts on “About

    • Seriously. I was a journalism major. We have to observe ESL courses as part of my TEFL Certification, and the teachers there keep asking me if I studied education. My “Nope, I was a journalism major,” is met with a lot of raised eyebrows/confused stares.

      Thank you! I realized I loved graphic design later in college, and I tried to add a minor my junior year. I didn’t manage to finish it, but I have a few classes under my belt.

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  2. I am so happy I came across your website, I just got admitted to the same program as you however I am placed in Moratalla. I must admit that I am nervous about it because it is much smaller than Madrid. Do you have any advice on traveling to or from smaller towns within Spain?

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