6/9 Packing List Rundown

6-9 Packing List Rundown

My current packing list of things unavailable in Spain.

A few things have changed since my semester abroad in Alicante. The best thing (and the one most relevant to this blog) is that I’ve wised up to all the things Spain doesn’t “do.”

Por ejemplo, Spain doesn’t do to-go coffee or, really, to-go anything. The concept doesn’t exist. I tried to buy a travel mug in Alicante, but I couldn’t find one anywhere — even in the infamous El Corte Inglés, which is saying something because that place literally has everything.

This can be a problem, especially because early mornings are a struggle for me/I love coffee. but there’s not much I can do to change it.I can, however, stockpile the material goods I know I’ll miss. This is the list of those things. I keep it in Evernote so I can jot new items down when I inevitably remember them at 3 a.m.

Strange List Item of the Week: Deodorant

Here’s a little-known fact: The “typical” deodorant we use in the States isn’t widely available in Spain. I’m not sure how it is in Madrid, but I had the hardest time finding an anti-perspirant deodorant in Alicante. I eventually shelled out about $10 for a stick at Sephora. (You’re welcome, economy.) I knew a lot of people there who used roll-on deodorants, which are just less efficient overall, especially when you have to ride overcrowded buses in 80-degree weather.


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